Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 293 - Condiments, Part 2

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Well, the previous post asked, "can you guess what tomorrow's bottle will be?" Although, technically I didn't post this the next day, the answer to the riddle is "ketchup". Only makes sense, right? To have mustard and ketchup back-to-back.

Unlike the previous bottle, however, this bottle does come with an F.T.L.C. You see, some of you may have remembered last year around this time when I was all excited for a giant summer party hosted by my good friend Dan. This year the party returns and it is going to be even bigger on account that that good friend, Mr. D.B. himself, will be moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. The slip and slide on the label reminded me of last year's party. The horseshoes, the trampoline, the s'mores, the 100-foot slip-n'-slide. The beer and hot dogs. The condiments.

We'll miss you, buddy,

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