Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 291 - In My Soup

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Wow, blogosphere, I'm back again. Where did I go this time? No where special really, the special news is that my computer is no longer the equivalent of a high-tech paperweight. Not only did I upgrade from a weak, almost laughable 512mb of RAM to a respectable 4GB, but I triple the cores in my processor. With Windows 7, the whole new system feels nice and snappy and polished.

This bottle is one of my favorites of the ones that I have filled recently. I'm not even sure why, could be because Animal Crackers are so iconic and delicious.

I picked the label because I always think of Shirley Temple when I say the words, "animal crackers". I guess the girl on the label made me think of Shirley Temple.

And so the cycle is complete,

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