Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 288 - And Rice

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So, I'm back. I never expected, with it being only a week or two into my Summer vacation, that I would have to deal with snow. We pulled into Wisconsin around midnight local time and were greeted by cold, wet, slushy snow. Gross.

The trip went well and I made it the official end of Winter. Which means eating right, exercising more, and getting ready for a Summer of sun, travel, and beaches.

As a result, my first vigorous work-out session since Independence Day last year has left me beat. So I'll get this one out quick. Today's bottle is filled with lentils. I chose these uncooked legumes for this bottle because they reminded me of fish scales. To my surprise, when put into the bottle, they arranged themselves in a scale-like pattern.

Which is pretty cool, I.M.O.,

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