Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 274 - Half a Page of Scribbled Line

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"Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time. Plans that either come to naught, or half a page of scribbled lines." (Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon)

So just as I was ready to make a triumphant return to my "daily" blog, life happened once again. One day melted into the other as school gave way to work, gave way to school, gave way to school work. For a short period, my schedule consisted of school from 1:00 to 9:30pm including travel time, then work at 5am, then school again the next day only to come home, sleep a few hours, then back to work for an 8.5 hour shift. Somehow the course of four days felt like one continual, bleak, tedium.

So I found some time between papers and right before having to leave for work. I'll be home by 10:00pm and out the door for school by 1:00pm tomorrow. Then? Work, of course.

You may have noticed something different about this bottle. I'm not sure if this is a temporary, limited edition label design, or if this is the new permanent look for Jones Soda. If I had to guess, I'd say that this is the new design and, if I had to guess, I would conjecture that this may have been why new bottles were so hard to find in the past. I liked the old design better; it was a little easier to photograph and was deliciously simple. I'm not sure I am a fan of how much color they have on the labels now, I liked the old gray-scale better.

Anyway, this one is filled with Smarties. A while ago I filled a bottle with Smarties' wrappers (Day 40) so this one compliments that one nicely. I even suggested in that post how I should, someday, fill a bottle with Smarties.

The prophecy is complete,

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