Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 270 - You Rock

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Had some extra cash laying around, mostly 20's and 50's, and decided that it would make good filler. I took my giant stack of money and just let loose on it with a pair of scissors and a paper-shredding machine. The results? Not bad, worth every penny.

Okay, FALSE. This filler was actually provided by Heather, a rather generous coworker of mine. Usually, when I introduce Jones-a-Day to someone they start rattling off ideas for filler. Most of these suggestion have either already been done, have already been thought of, or are too disgusting to even consider. Heather, however, gave an unpredictable response when shown my project for the first time; an idea that was both original, amazing, and doable. She had obtained a bag full of shredded money from a relative who works for the U.S. Mint (or treasury, or some operation that deals with money) and offered to bring it in for me to use as filler. Amazing. The bottle turned out to be one of my favorites, definitely in my top five ;-)

But why this bottle? Well, I was going to wait for a bottle to come along that had money on it, or a cash register, or something to do with currency. But I came across this bottle, this label, and kept saying to myself, "this filler is going to rock."

Heather, you rock.

Thank you so much,

P.S. - Such an amazing bottle deserves some alternate shots...

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And a close-up on the filler...

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  1. You had my heart racing when you started talking about $20 & $50 dollar bills being shredded. I almost had a heart attack! Aunt Kay PS Great filler and very nice co-worker.

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