Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 267 - Mushy, Gushy, Hearts [EDIT]

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Wow, Aunt Kay, beating me to the punch. I picked up this bottle thinking the exact thing. Man, the guy on the label looks just like me. I mean, it is only his profile, but the hairline, the sideburns, the shape of his face, everything matches my profile. I asked Em and Stevie if they thought so too, and they both disagreed. I'm glas someone is on my side.

Filler - Heart-shaped, strawberry-flavored, marshmallow hearts. Stevie gave me these and they were disgusting. She knows it, I know it. Regardless, they made an awesome filler.

I chose this bottle because I thought the guy on the label looked like me. Since Stevie gave me the candies, I thought it was a good enough connection.



  1. Is that you Mitch on the label? Aunt Kay

  2. that looks just like you tablescraps

    i was like dammmmn whose that girl u r with