Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 264 - Crystal Fu

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Jones has issued a lot of flavors. From the predictable root beer and cream soda, to the off-beat FuFu Berry and Blue Bubblegum, to the bizarre Tofurky and Gravy soda. My main source of Jones Soda only sells six different flavors; FuFu Berry, Berry Lemonade, Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple, Red Apple, and Cream Soda.

I have had so many suggestions for filler along the way including several people who suggested keeping the soda in the bottle and calling it filler. I liked the idea of using Jones as a filler as this project serves as a tribute to the good memories associated with the unique drink. I was, however, off-put by just leaving the soda in the bottle. So, taking the six most common flavors, I decided to mix-and-match flavors. I purposely chose matches that seemed odd; like blue soda in a Green Apple bottle or clear soda for the iconic, red, FuFu Berry flavor.

This FuFu Berry bottle is filled with cream soda Jones. I'm so used to the FuFu Berry soda being a vibrant red. The cream soda behind the Fu label made me think of how people must have felt while drinking Crystal Pepsi.

It must have been weird,

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