Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 252 - Down to Business

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In case you didn't know, I normally put a great deal of thought into creating a title for each post. Usually I try to think of a pop-culture reference that relates to the filler or the label. Sometimes, however, the titles of my posts serve multiple purposes. Take this one, for example. "Down to Business" - the water seen in this bottle was collected, by my tap, on one of his business trips to India. It is Indian tap-water and unsuitable for the typical American to drink. The title also implies that there is no more fooling around. As the bonus pic indicates, I'm stepping up my game. Today is supposed to be post 268. As you can see, it is only post 252. If you are opposed to thinking, stop reading now. Here's a question for those of you who were not put-off by the previous sentence; if John is 16 days behind on his daily blog, how many days will it take for him to catch up if he posts three bottles a day? Hmmmmmm....

There is also a lot of connections between title, label, and filler. The water was acquired while on a business trip. The person on the label is looking through a viewfinder which are common at popular tourist locations. The person on the label is also waving at the camera. They are probably waving "hello", but I am saying "goodbye". Goodbye to my vacation-like, post-skipping days and "hello" to getting down to business.

See you tomorrow,

P.S. - Spent $72 on Jones and filler...let's do this...

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