Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 233 - Unwrapped

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At first it was an issue of time and money. Jones-a-Day took a backseat to the ever-important school and the unrelenting hours at work. Despite slaving away tediously over the Holiday season, because of an abundance of Christmas spirit, I ended up with little in terms of money. So, without the time to collect filler, fill, and photograph, and without the money to purchase anything but the essentials, Jones-a-Day was on hiatus.

Once the Holiday dust had settled, however, I ran into a new problem. With time on my hands and a fair amount of pocket dough, I was ready to begin Jones-a-Day again. The problem? Finding bottles. I checked all my go-to places, and then I checked them again. I went out of my way to check these same stores on other sides of town. No luck. Either they had no Jones at all, or they had repeat bottles. I was about to suck it up and pay the outrageous price per bottle at the mall when Stevie and I took an impromptu trip to a Meijer nearly 13 miles from where I live. The results? Well, we found bottles. So I've been hurriedly sucking them down, cleaning them out, then filling them up. These nine bottles posted in this blitz were consumed, filled, and photographed over the course of three short days.

School starts tomorrow and I have a large gap between two of my classes so will take that time to add sufficient posts to the eight preceding bottles. Until then, it is time for bed.

Thanks for your patience,

P.S. - Filler = ripped up wrapping paper

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  1. Welcome back. I have been checking your site everyday and was getting ready to email your mother. Aunt Kay