Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 230 - Happy Birthday to Me!

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So, somewhere along the course of my hiatus, January 5th to be exact, I turned 23 years old. I would have liked to hold off on this post until Day 240, which would have been the correct post corresponding to January 5th, but the bottle had too much meaning to neglect until then.

If you know anything about me, you know that there are three things I can never so "no" to. 1) Beer. 2) Hot wings. 3) Friends and family. So, for my birthday, I invited everyone out for dinner and drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings. The turnout was amazing and we all had a great time watching the games that were playing, drinking, and laughing. People showing up was a gift in itself, but Jbyrd, a friend of mine, brought me a Jones Soda Bottle to help celebrate me being born. The bottle he gave, seen here, is filled with styrofoam from Buffalo Wild Wings boxes, the ones you get to take home leftovers.

So the connection? Jbyrd's gift and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Thanks, brah,

P.S. - Another thanks to Stevie for being so sweet, xoxo...

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  1. So, if your friends and family were in a car that was heading for the edge of a cliff, you would first have a beer and some hot wings before saving us?


  2. That was the order he stated so remind me not to get in a car that was headed for a cliff where I had to rely on Mitch to save me. Also, Happy Birthday! Aunt Kay