Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 228 - Paging Doctor Jones

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To make a long story short, and to avoid worrying anyone, just know that everybody is okay. One day I get a call from a distressed Stevie saying that her mom is in the hospital for reasons unknown. After rescuing her from work and rushing down to Spectrum we are relieved to find out everything is alright.

While chatting with her, her mom, and the handful of others who came to check on things, I debatted nabbing a few latex gloves for myself. I mean, they are kept right on the wall, boxes and boxes of them in fact, so would it really hurt if I took a couple handfuls? After much debate, and after checking to see if the coast was clear, I made a quick grab and got a decent handful. Wanting to be sure I could fill the contents of one bottle I made two, three more snatches before calling it good.

Inside this bottle are purple and grey latex gloves "borrowed" from Spectrum Health Hospital. The broken egg symbolizes Eileen.

Luckily her prognosis was much, much more positive than the egg's,

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