Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 227 - Party Paper

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Okay, I called the filler for this one "Pink and Red Accordion-Like Strips of Paper" because I wanted to avoid using the term "confetti". As the astute Jones-a-Dayer will point out, I have already filled a bottle with confetti in Day 161. However, this confetti is of a different color-scheme entirely and was featured in a gift basket given to my family by, you guessed it, Stevie. So not only is it different in color, but it is also covered in sentiment. On Day 1 I warned everyone that sometimes the filler will only varry in color. No promises were broken here.

So the connection is simple. Not only is the scene semi-romantic in nature, but the leaves and branches of the tree are crinkled like the paper in the bottle.

I'm guessing it is some sort of willow, but I could be wrong,

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