Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 224 - Meet the Family

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Yes, yes, I cannot even contain myself while I write this, but yes, that is my brother, my sister, and I on the label of this bottle. I am on a freaking Jones bottle! In case you don't know or are confused, I am the medium-sized blond one on the far right. In the middle is my brother, Jeff, and the tiny bundle of smiles on the left is my sister, Emily.

Introductions aside, I am on a Jones bottle. For the first time in my life, for the fist time in Jones-a-Day history, I am featured on the label of the iconic Jones Soda. How did I end up in such a lucky scenario? Well, it all starts with a girl named Stevie. Knowing how much this projects means to me, and being the amazingly thoughtful and beautiful person she is, ordered me a six-pack of custom Jones Soda for the holidays. She sent in one of my all-time favorite photos featuring my siblings and I in traditional Korean garb, wrote a seasonal greeting for the back of each bottle, and wrapped them up carefully in a basket of all my family's favorite candies. By far my favorite and the most thoughtful gift I've ever received.

Thanks, baybee.

Inside the bottle is this amazing blue, wrapping paper. The material is somewhere between wrapping paper and tissue paper, and is slightly transparent. It is left over from the piles of gifts I received from her family.

With its brilliant shade of blue, shimmer, and sparkly little snowflakes, it reminds me of what a wonderful year it has been,

P.S. - A shot of the amazing label...

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And, in addition to showering us with candies and presents, Stevie also baked up this platter of never-ending goodness. Included in this bundle are little balls of heaven; crushed Oreo cookies, rolled up with a cheesecake-like filling, and dipped in chocolate...amazing...

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to see my favorite nephews and neice on the label of a Jones bottle. Stevie sounds like a terrific person. I sure missed you on Christmas Eve. Aunt Kay