Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 222 - Streamers

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Not actually streamers, per se, but the brightly colored, pinkish-hued, pearlescent Easter-grass-like stings remind me of the streamers that little girls have on the handlebars of their bikes. Found in the basement of Stevie's old house, I quickly snagged the bag and smuggled it home. This label was chosen because I imagined the streets of New York city after New Year's Eve; littered with streamers, confetti, party hats and whistles.

The pearl-like glossy ribbon looks so much better in real life; rotating the bottle under the light shows the true beauty of the little strings of fake-grass.

Two-two-two taken care of,

P.S. - Many of you may be wondering what else I've been up to in my absence. Besides work and dreading going to work, I finally sent my XBOX 360 back in to be repaired. Microsoft no longer provides you with a box or shipping material, so I was concerned about my baby being hurt. Moreover, I was worried that Microsoft is going to find a way to charge me, fine me, or hold my unit for ransom. I made sure it was going to be okay. I wrapped the system entirely in bubble wrap, lined the box with larger-bubbled wrap, and put air-cushions on both the top and bottom on the unit. It all fit snuggly in the box. You could drop this package from the roof and I'd be confident the contents would be safe. See for yourself...

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