Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 215 - Re-feather-Member

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Forgive the inside joke in the title, but it was necessary.

Instead of relaxing and staying some place warm over her Fall break, Stevie took an alternative break to a reservation in South Dakota. I'm sure I'll screw up the terminology here, but she helped out with various construction work including installing wood-flooring, insulation work, and "skirting" trailers.

Anyways, while she was away, I couldn't help but think of her. And, while she was away, I know she couldn't stop thinking of me. Not only did she sport a soccer shirt I wore in elementary school with "Mitchell" scrawled across the front, but she brought me home two wooden blocks from the construction site for my project.

Thanks, love,

P.S. - I used a power-drill to bore out holes in the blocks and collected the shavings to put in the bottle. Yes, I've done "sawdust" before in a previous bottle, but this isn't's drill-dust and it is special...

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A look at the "skirting"...

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And a peek inside the joke...

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  1. Stevie sounds like a great person. She seems to be quite a helper. Aunt Kay