Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 213 - Red, Please

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It was never "cherry" Kool-aid, was it? It was never, "Mom, I would like cherry Kool-aid, please". No, it was "red" Kool-aid. Not strawberry, not cherry, not watermelon. Red; obviously the best Kool-aid ever.

In this bottle is my favorite Kool-aid made to my specifications. Yes, this is the first bottle that was drunk out of twice; once when I consumed the soda, and twice while testing the Kool-aid inside. I like mine more sweet, with lots of sugar.

And, preferably, red,


  1. Oh, and how Mom and I grew to HATE the "Red" Kool-Aid!! It was so responsible for multiple carpet stains which could never be gotten out.

  2. PLEAASSSE do NOT break this bottle!!