Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 212 - More Bran?

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So on Day 150 I introduced you all to one of my favorite cereals; the traditional All-Bran in the "stick form". To follow up, today's bottle features the All-Bran in "bit" or "bud" form. A great addition to yogurt or other cereal for a little extra boost of fiber.

But why this label? Yes, it is one of those circumstances where I don't have a lot of bottles and, thus, not a lot of choice in which filler goes in which label. But remember the cat food in Day 39? Well, if not, click the link in the previous sentence. Doesn't the cat food in that bottle have a striking resemblence to the human food in this one?

The cat on the label is a little joke because the food inside is human food. The human food is a joke because it looks like cat food. The cat food was a joke because was in a bottle with a dog on the label.

Two bottles connected in at least three ways.


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