Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 211 - Santa's Little Helper

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The problem with today's post is that I like this bottle. The problem with that? I am still a day behind and am fighting for time and money. There is a lot on my mind lately; finals approaching at school, holiday hours at work, Christmas shopping, and being nearly broke. All this adds up to little time, little money, and a lot of stress.

For example, take my weekly schedule. Sunday: work 4:00pm to midnight. Monday: school. Tuesday (today): work 3:30pm to 12:30am. Wednesday: school. Thursday - Saturday: work until 12:30am. Phew, barely time to breathe.

I am running out of money which means few bottles to choose from and cheap filler. This filler was free, provided by my brother, Jeff. While he was out of the country on business it seemed like this kid got three packages a day. One cardboard box was enough to fill a bottle.

I thought it was fitting since I did 90% of my holiday shopping online.

Let's hope it all gets here on time,

P.S. - Flagrant advertising...

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  1. Welcome home Jeff. Mitch you are trying to do too much! Let Jeff help you with your bottles. That would give him something to do while you are getting ready for finals and Christmas. Aunt Kay