Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 208 - Let It Snow [EDIT]

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Yes, Aunt Kay, it is snow. It was a long Autumn, we were spoiled with beautiful weather and a lack of ice, snow, and slush. Then, one night, everything changed. We went from no snow at all to over eight inches over night.

This bottle marks the first snowfall of the season. Inside this bottle is snow collected from the ground from this first downfall.

I hope you understand why this picture was late. I wasn't at my house so couldn't take a proper picture. I didn't want to fill it with snow, take a bad picture, and not get a chance to get a decent shot before the snow melted.

Connection is obvious,

P.S. - The snow melts...

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After the initial snow melted completely, I added more to fill the bottle properly with "snow"...which is now nothing but water...

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  1. Please tell me that I am not seeing snow behind the bottle! I am not ready for that. Aunt Kay

    PS I am worried about your brother and hope he is doing the right thing.

  2. Seems like your Dad could figure something out to keep that snow from melting. Just kidding.
    Aunt Kay