Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 201 - On the Road [EDIT]

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Sorry, Dad, but a lot of this post is aimed at you. I apologize because, in the most loving way, I will be criticizing your family vacation camera technique; something Mom has been doing for a while. I loved family vacations, I loved being on the road and the family van. But look at the man on the label with his camcorder. Look at the bored posture of the other man. My father is infamous for recording the most boring, mundane things of a family vacation. Want to see what it looks like to drive through Nebraska? I can show you...all six hours of it.

Snack foods were a must on these trips. One of my faves? Pizza-flavored pretzel Combos.

Just kidding, pops. When the world switches to floating cars and all the roads are replaced by tubes, I'll be happy to have footage of every major road in America,

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  1. At least you traveled and saw the country. When I was growing up, we just went to Harrison (Mich) every year - camping for the last two weeks in July (over my birthday). No air conditioning in cars and no I75 - just slow driving roads with the windows down. Aunt Kay