Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 200 - Parade-Worthy [EDIT]

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First of all, I wish a happy, happy Thanksgiving to everybody who reads this. As I have mentioned numerous times before, and I will mention again given the holiday, I am thankful for all my friends, family, and followers who support me and Jones-a-Day. A special thanks to those who stuck with me the past few weeks while I toiled away at work and school.

I will write a new, better post for today's bottle and update the previous four later tomorrow afternoon. Currently it is around 2:15pm and I have taken a sleeping pill. Why? Well, for the first time ever, the store at which I work is open at midnight the day after Thanksgiving. So I could have woken up at a normal time, say 10:00am, had dinner with the family, gone to work at 11:30pm and worked until 10:00am. I could have done this...if I were crazy. That is 24 hours with no sleep and the last 10.5 of those hours spent dealing with the Black Friday mob.

So instead of enjoying the holiday, I will be sleeping.

The bottle is filled with the classic, holiday-themed, Brach's hard-candies. You know, the ones with the intricate designs built into the middle of the pieces? I did this to commemorate the start of the Holiday season. The label reminded me of something else that reminds me of the start of the season; the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Wish me luck,


So instead of altering the entire post, I decided it'd be more appropriate to add it. Black Friday was unbelievable. It was my fourth year working retail on the Day After Thanksgiving and being open at Midnight while other stores held off until 5:00am really showed. For being insanely busy in a tough economy, people were all-in-all not bad. There were a few people upset that certain items were gone and a single death-threat, but nothing that we couldn't handle. It was a crappy way to spend Thanksgiving, sleeping all day and working a 10.5 hour shift, but one of the most dreaded days as a retail associate is over and I'm thankful for it.

I like the filler and connections for this bottle. The Thanksgiving Day parade mimicked by the parade on the label, the classic holiday hard-candy. A nice, complete, good-looking bottle.

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