Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 185 - Black and Blue

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So, like I said, I haven't been around my own personal computer and my own personal camera in a while. I did manage to get yesterday's bottle (i.e. the bottle being posted today) photographed, but still owe two; one for the real today and one for the technical tomorrow (which, in a few minutes, today will be tomorrow and "today" will be yesterday...making yesterday's bottle, which is being posted today, the day-before-yesterday's bottle...wait, what?).

Okay, forget which bottle goes where. I owed three; one for Wednesday, one for Thursday, and one for Friday (which, depending on what time I finish this rant, could be tomorrow or today).

So here is one of the bottles owed. But what I lack in promptness I make up for in sentiment. I've been skateboarding for a long time. The passion started when the first Tony Hawk video game came out for the Nintendo 64. From there the neighborhood boys and I started skating religiously. My skills and drive for the sport grew through high school where practically everyday the "team" skated, filmed, and goofed around.

Recently I was introduced into a new flavor of the sport. Before it was all about learning tricks, finding gaps, and, in my case, ollie manuals. Now it is all about speed. Finding steep hills and bombing them. Going to the top of a parking garage, cruising down the ramps, screaming around the corners and flying out into the night.

It was on a recent trip to the parking garages when we happened upon a box full of these parking "ticket" things. You know, the little stubs of paper you get when entering a parking garage. Naturally I was thinking of Jones-a-Day and decided the slips might make a nice filler. Yesterday I met up with Mitch and he and I cruised all around campus for the good part of two hours. He, as always, had collected bottles for me to fill. One of which was this one with a picture of a skateboard and helmet on it. How perfect. My new passion for bombing hills, parking slips from the garage we frequent, and a picture of a skateboard.

Label-to-filler connections don't get sweeter than this,

P.S. - As Mitch might say, "nostalgia in the making"...

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So on the same night we found these slips I had a slip of my own resulting in this...

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As well as a busted chin and road-rash up and down the right side of my body.


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