Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 182 - I Like Ike [EDIT]

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Wow, so I guess there are two people to blame for this atrocity. First I would like to blame Chris Hansen. There is something oddly fascinating, in a most disturbing way, about "To Catch a Predator". MSNBC was running a marathon of the creep-filled specials and I was enthralled and dumbfounded for three full hours. I would also like to blame the fine folks responsible for Mike and Ike candies. I thought two of their theater-sized boxes would fill a bottle easily. I ended up about six Mikes short or, roughly, four Ikes (because everyone knows that the Ikes taste better).

So here is a partial bottle, late because of Chris Hansen and partially filled because I under-bought by one box. I will edit this post tomorrow after I have purchased more of the candies.

I end up with a lot of extra things because I tend to over-buy. The one time I buy too little I end up with this mess.


So, here it is, the completely filled bottle. If you are joining us late, that last sentence may confuse you a bit. You see, on the day this bottle was filled I ended up being a few Mike and/or Ikes short of completely filling the bottle. So today, on a special trip to the grocery store where they were on sale, I bought another box only to use five or six of the candies.

Yesterday's bottle (i.e. the bottle seen above), is filled with Mike and Ike candy. I thought the colorful, playful candy matched the playfulness of the girl on the label.

All is well again,

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