Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 181 - Gotta Have 'Em

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This actually turned out to be a pretty cool bottle. Normally breakfast cereals are a last resort, but this Corn Pop bottle actually looks alright in real life. The glazed little irregular-shaped puffs of corn-meal or whatever shine nicely in the bottle. The reflections and glare of the glass compliment the light that is reflected off the little golden lumps. Not bad, Corn Pops, not bad at all.

Unfortunately there is no real connection between filler and label. If forced to make one, I'd say that pop-stars rarely, if ever, smash their guitars live on stage. So, in a way, the label-to-filler connection resides in the oxymoron-esque idea of a pop musician smashing his/her guitar.

I don't know, make your own connection,

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