Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 175 - Not in Kansas Anymore

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Another glimpse into Bobby's world today with this post, and another filler engineered by him. Even while out on a business trip to Topeka, Kansas, Dad showed his commitment to Jones-a-Day. Every opportunity he had to stash little bits of trash, tiny mementos from the road, he took. I picked him up from the airport and, on the way home, we revealed his idea to me. Get a bottle, fill it with these particles of his trip, and make a reference to Dorothy's classic, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". Clever as it was true, he wasn't in Kansas anymore.

So the bicycle on the label is meant to signify travel. The somber silhouette a symbol of being alone; like being away from home in a strange place. The bottle is filled with the following (in order from the bottom up);

One large paper napkin (slightly used)
Brown paper bag from "National Coney Island"
Empty bag of original Sunchips
Protective seal to travel-sized deodorant
Wrapper to bar of hotel soap
Restaurant straw wrapper
Two (2) empty bags of airline peanuts
Paper napkin wrapper/holder
One pair of neon green earplugs (supplied by U.S. Army)
Boarding pass

There's no place like home,


  1. Excellent execution son! I especially like how you used the National Coney Island bag (which was a bit boring) to fill that "invisible" volume that is forever stuck behind the label.


  2. Hey! Dad is sure helping with your "project". He is even featured in a few postings (working hard). Your Mom is also a big fan and if I was closer, I would be thinking up things too. Aunt Kay