Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 204 - Melt With You

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I wasn't lying when I said I would milk the eight-dollar bag of Jolly Ranchers for all it was worth. This bottle is filled with melted Jolly Ranchers. In real life there is a nice stained-glass window type of effect. See the "P.S. Pics" for my attempt to show this phenomena.

I chose the label because I thought the color scheme on the label would match the colors of the melted candy.

It totally does,

P.S. - The stained-glass effect...

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 203 - For All It's Worth [EDIT]

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The title is an ode to the $8 I recently spent on Jolly Rancher hard candies. I will be milking this purchase for all its worth.

I started with Day 199 which featured the unwrapped Jolly Ranchers themselves. Today's bottle features the inverse of that; the Jolly Rancher candy wrappers.

The label is unrelated, but reminds me of all the time I've spent trapped inside at work during the last few weeks.

Ah, almost completely updated. Finally,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 202 - Uncle Sam [EDIT]

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Land of the Free, Home of the Heavily-Armed.

I would say more, but the label, filler, and bottle as a whole speak for themselves.

Special thanks to my good friend for supplying me with a coffee-can full of spent ammunition shells. I'm not sure how legal AK-47 assault rifles are, but your last name has been omitted just in case.

Cheers, Benjamin!,

Day 201 - On the Road [EDIT]

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Sorry, Dad, but a lot of this post is aimed at you. I apologize because, in the most loving way, I will be criticizing your family vacation camera technique; something Mom has been doing for a while. I loved family vacations, I loved being on the road and the family van. But look at the man on the label with his camcorder. Look at the bored posture of the other man. My father is infamous for recording the most boring, mundane things of a family vacation. Want to see what it looks like to drive through Nebraska? I can show you...all six hours of it.

Snack foods were a must on these trips. One of my faves? Pizza-flavored pretzel Combos.

Just kidding, pops. When the world switches to floating cars and all the roads are replaced by tubes, I'll be happy to have footage of every major road in America,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 200 - Parade-Worthy [EDIT]

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First of all, I wish a happy, happy Thanksgiving to everybody who reads this. As I have mentioned numerous times before, and I will mention again given the holiday, I am thankful for all my friends, family, and followers who support me and Jones-a-Day. A special thanks to those who stuck with me the past few weeks while I toiled away at work and school.

I will write a new, better post for today's bottle and update the previous four later tomorrow afternoon. Currently it is around 2:15pm and I have taken a sleeping pill. Why? Well, for the first time ever, the store at which I work is open at midnight the day after Thanksgiving. So I could have woken up at a normal time, say 10:00am, had dinner with the family, gone to work at 11:30pm and worked until 10:00am. I could have done this...if I were crazy. That is 24 hours with no sleep and the last 10.5 of those hours spent dealing with the Black Friday mob.

So instead of enjoying the holiday, I will be sleeping.

The bottle is filled with the classic, holiday-themed, Brach's hard-candies. You know, the ones with the intricate designs built into the middle of the pieces? I did this to commemorate the start of the Holiday season. The label reminded me of something else that reminds me of the start of the season; the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Wish me luck,


So instead of altering the entire post, I decided it'd be more appropriate to add it. Black Friday was unbelievable. It was my fourth year working retail on the Day After Thanksgiving and being open at Midnight while other stores held off until 5:00am really showed. For being insanely busy in a tough economy, people were all-in-all not bad. There were a few people upset that certain items were gone and a single death-threat, but nothing that we couldn't handle. It was a crappy way to spend Thanksgiving, sleeping all day and working a 10.5 hour shift, but one of the most dreaded days as a retail associate is over and I'm thankful for it.

I like the filler and connections for this bottle. The Thanksgiving Day parade mimicked by the parade on the label, the classic holiday hard-candy. A nice, complete, good-looking bottle.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 199 - Jolly Good Times [EDIT]

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Somehow, in grade-school, something so small brought so much joy. Remember when your teacher had Jolly Ranchers? Remember receiving one of these candies as a reward for a good deed, a good grade, or because of a special event or holiday? That was the best. The kids on the label agree.

I'm not sure if this is a global phenomenon, but where I grew up, Jolly Ranchers were the all-time greatest controller of students. Back then I'd do practically anything to get one of these cavity-inducing, crown-damaging bits of hard-candy.

Filler: Unwrapped Jolly Ranchers.
Label: Happy, jumping-for-joy children.
Connecting: Obvious.


Day 198 - Crunchatize Me [EDIT]

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How happy does a bowl of Crunch Berries make you? Ignore the damage to the roof of your mouth and think about the perfect blend of fruity flavor, crunch, and sweet, buttery pieces all floating in a sea of cold milk.

If I were a canine, this is what I would look like after a nice big bowl of Crunch Berry cereal,

Day 197 - "Laugh it Up, Fuzzball" [EDIT]

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So, if you haven't figured out the connection between filler and title yet, here goes. Many of you probably recognize the quote in the title as one from Star Wars. More specifically, a quote spoken by Harrison Ford's character (Han Solo) to his Wookie friend, Chewbacca. "Fuzzball" was just one of Solo's pet-names for Chewbacca. A more common one being "Chewy". The candies in this bottle are known for their chewiness; Charleston Chews. The chocolate-covered, chewy-nougat, bite-sized candy. From Fuzzball to Chewbacca, Chewbacca to Charleston Chew, makes sense, right?

The label has less of a connection. Charleston made me think of bigger, more traditional cities where police officers still ride around on horses.

Never had them before this bottle.

Looks like I've been missing out,

Day 196 - Queen of My Heart [EDIT]

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Today's bottle, that is, since this writing is delayed, the day this bottle represents, is dedicated to one of the most loving, caring persons I know; Grandma. To help celebrate her birthday a bottle was filled in her honor. You see, Grandma is a hustler; a card-shark. Every visit to Grandma's ended with a game of Cribbage, Euchre, or, more recently, Hearts. And it was always, always beneficial to have her on your side. Every game it seemed that Grandma had more trump than an episode of The Apprentice. Add that to the fact that she knows what cards are in your hand by the way you lay them down and you have a unbeatable powerhouse of playing cards.

So the bottle is filled with playing cards and the label shows a woman, quite possibly a grandmother, walking hand-in-hand with a child, quite possibly her grandchild.

Happy Birthday, Grandma,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 195 - Not Hot and Buttered...Yet

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Oh, what a great idea but poor execution. Over the past few months, every time someone made popcorn, I would filter through the leftovers to find the un-popped kernels. I had a decent collection of the poor, under-utilized kernels, but not enough to fill a bottle. This label was SO asking for corn kernels, it wasn't even funny. So, they had to be purchased. Boo.

The man on the label toils away at his garden. Probably not planting corn, but the connection is obvious.

I wonder what would happen if I put this one in the oven with some oil in the bottle...,

Day 194 - You Put the Lime in It

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Ah, finally, a label-to-filler connection I can be proud of.

Although a completely legit connection, its so geniously simple. The man in the pool, lounging in his tiny yellow inner-tube and his even tinier blue swimming shorts, is obviously having a good time. Probably in someone's backyard, but I'd like to imagine him in the ocean just off some tropical beach.

The sand, the sun, the waves; fruity drinks and coconuts.

In this bottle shredded coconut.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 193 - Spiraling Out of Control [EDIT]

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Lol, like the previous bottle, the filler is fine and all, but I cannot think of a connection. Which makes for a boring post.

Spiral noodles,

P.S. - The simplicity made me smile.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 192 - Unlucky Charms [EDIT]

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Remember the ultra-lucky bottle from Day 73? Well, here is the less-than-lucky counterpart to that.

The box of Lucky Charms has been sitting in the cupboard, uneaten for some reason. Could it be that there were only five marshmallows in the entire box? Probably.

Today's filler is the bland, tan pieces of Lucky Charms cereal.

Still magically delicious in their own way,

Day 191 - Hallow-Scraps [EDIT]

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A cross between table-scraps and Halloween, I guess. This bottle was left-over from eight of the Halloween-themed bottles I used for the countdown to All Hallows' Eve. So the bottle is "scrapped" and so is the filler. You see, in this bottle is fabric scraps leftover from the costume that Stevie and her mom had made for me. I went as Bamm Bamm, she Pebbles from The Flinstones.

The orange fabric is leftover from the cave-baby shorts they had sewed for me.

So Halloween bottle, Halloween costume, scraps, and scraps.

Ashes to ashes,

Day 190 - Shredded, Again [EDIT]

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I don't know, it just so happens that anytime I have a filler that is "shredded" or ripped up, I imagine the remnants of furniture and other textiles after a cat-attack. I picture the mangled, torn-up fibers dangling from the carcass of what was once the arm of a living room sofa.

So the Triscuit crackers, another form of "shredded" wheat, made for a nice fit.

That's all I got,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 189 - Red Hot

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Back on track now, have a few posts to update but luckily I've found a spare minute or two. The updates shouldn't be too difficult as there is not a lot to say for the past few bottles. This one is full of Hot Tamales candies. It's odd, Hot Tamales are brought to us by the same people who bring us Mike and Ikes. The odd thing is that it took me exactly two boxes plus five more pieces to fill a bottle; forcing me to buy three boxes. It's like the people at the JustBorn candy company designed the boxes to torture those who want to fill empty gourmet soda bottles with their candies.

No connection here, but somehow I feel like the filler matches the label.

Sometimes things just look good together,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 188 - O.J.

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To make up for the lack of punctuality lately, I decided to catch-up by posting three themed bottles. The theme is quick and easy, but it works. So the owed bottles are all filled with a different juice. I start the trilogy of owed bottles with the classic breakfast staple - orange juice.

I made a special trip to the grocery store for this one. I bought Tropicana Orange Juice with some pulp for a little extra texture.

There is no connection between label and filler for this bottle, nor any of the others in this themed-pack.

It just worked out that way,

Day 187 - C.J.

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Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice.

The second bottle in the juice trilogy.

The only connection I can think of, if I had to think of one, is that the picture reminds me of something you'd see in a horror flick. An innocent looking girl, and ominous wooden gate. I'm waiting for something to burst through it and attack. The juice is like really bad fake blood.

I don't know, maybe it's just me,

Day 186 - A.J.

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There have been a lot of bottles that ended up this color of clear-yellow. The dish soap, the beer, and the Monster Energy drink to name a few. This bottle is clear-yellow because it is filled with apple juice. 100%, not from concentrate, apple juice. The ingredients, according to the bottle, are "Apple Juice".

Crazy pure,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 185 - Black and Blue

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So, like I said, I haven't been around my own personal computer and my own personal camera in a while. I did manage to get yesterday's bottle (i.e. the bottle being posted today) photographed, but still owe two; one for the real today and one for the technical tomorrow (which, in a few minutes, today will be tomorrow and "today" will be yesterday...making yesterday's bottle, which is being posted today, the day-before-yesterday's bottle...wait, what?).

Okay, forget which bottle goes where. I owed three; one for Wednesday, one for Thursday, and one for Friday (which, depending on what time I finish this rant, could be tomorrow or today).

So here is one of the bottles owed. But what I lack in promptness I make up for in sentiment. I've been skateboarding for a long time. The passion started when the first Tony Hawk video game came out for the Nintendo 64. From there the neighborhood boys and I started skating religiously. My skills and drive for the sport grew through high school where practically everyday the "team" skated, filmed, and goofed around.

Recently I was introduced into a new flavor of the sport. Before it was all about learning tricks, finding gaps, and, in my case, ollie manuals. Now it is all about speed. Finding steep hills and bombing them. Going to the top of a parking garage, cruising down the ramps, screaming around the corners and flying out into the night.

It was on a recent trip to the parking garages when we happened upon a box full of these parking "ticket" things. You know, the little stubs of paper you get when entering a parking garage. Naturally I was thinking of Jones-a-Day and decided the slips might make a nice filler. Yesterday I met up with Mitch and he and I cruised all around campus for the good part of two hours. He, as always, had collected bottles for me to fill. One of which was this one with a picture of a skateboard and helmet on it. How perfect. My new passion for bombing hills, parking slips from the garage we frequent, and a picture of a skateboard.

Label-to-filler connections don't get sweeter than this,

P.S. - As Mitch might say, "nostalgia in the making"...

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So on the same night we found these slips I had a slip of my own resulting in this...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As well as a busted chin and road-rash up and down the right side of my body.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 184 - Missed a Spot

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When I first saw this bottle I thought the image on the label was of a kid playing in a fountain or running through a sprinkler. I just saw a streak of what looked to be water and saw his mouth slightly agape as if to take a sip out of the vertical stream. I passed this bottle at first as I couldn't think of a reasonable filler. Well, upon another trip to the store I took a second look and saw what the image really is. It is of a kid, true, but he is not playing with water, rather he appears to be washing a window and the streaks of water are really streaks of some surface cleaner. An appropriate filler was now obvious; glass cleaner. Today's bottle is filled with clear-blue glass cleaner solvent.

It is the first bottle where the filler was applied to both the inside and the outside of the bottle.

So clean,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 183 - The Fifty Yard Line

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Take what I've said about merry-go-rounds from Day 58, "If you are looking at a merry-go-round, if you're sitting on a baroque, lavishly painted horse that travels in circles without moving its legs, you are probably celebrating something." Add to that what I've said about balloons from Day 100, "I find that a colorful smattering of balloons always provokes celebratory feelings." The sum of these two things indicate that today's bottle, one filled with balloons and with a merry-go-round on the label, is very, very special.

There are 365 days in a year, roughly. I have done 183 posts. This means that I am just over halfway to my goal of one post for each day for an entire year.

Over the hill, halfway home; I've made it so far and would like to take this time to once again thank all my fans, friends, family, and followers for all your support.

I would say more but I think this special celebratory bottle speaks for itself.

Here's to 182 more!,

P.S. - Almost forgot to mention that the bottle is filled with exactly 183 balloons to mark this milestone.

Day 182 - I Like Ike [EDIT]

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Wow, so I guess there are two people to blame for this atrocity. First I would like to blame Chris Hansen. There is something oddly fascinating, in a most disturbing way, about "To Catch a Predator". MSNBC was running a marathon of the creep-filled specials and I was enthralled and dumbfounded for three full hours. I would also like to blame the fine folks responsible for Mike and Ike candies. I thought two of their theater-sized boxes would fill a bottle easily. I ended up about six Mikes short or, roughly, four Ikes (because everyone knows that the Ikes taste better).

So here is a partial bottle, late because of Chris Hansen and partially filled because I under-bought by one box. I will edit this post tomorrow after I have purchased more of the candies.

I end up with a lot of extra things because I tend to over-buy. The one time I buy too little I end up with this mess.


So, here it is, the completely filled bottle. If you are joining us late, that last sentence may confuse you a bit. You see, on the day this bottle was filled I ended up being a few Mike and/or Ikes short of completely filling the bottle. So today, on a special trip to the grocery store where they were on sale, I bought another box only to use five or six of the candies.

Yesterday's bottle (i.e. the bottle seen above), is filled with Mike and Ike candy. I thought the colorful, playful candy matched the playfulness of the girl on the label.

All is well again,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 181 - Gotta Have 'Em

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This actually turned out to be a pretty cool bottle. Normally breakfast cereals are a last resort, but this Corn Pop bottle actually looks alright in real life. The glazed little irregular-shaped puffs of corn-meal or whatever shine nicely in the bottle. The reflections and glare of the glass compliment the light that is reflected off the little golden lumps. Not bad, Corn Pops, not bad at all.

Unfortunately there is no real connection between filler and label. If forced to make one, I'd say that pop-stars rarely, if ever, smash their guitars live on stage. So, in a way, the label-to-filler connection resides in the oxymoron-esque idea of a pop musician smashing his/her guitar.

I don't know, make your own connection,

Day 180 - Get a Life

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Stole two boxes of cereal from Stevie's house today, I'm pretty sure Cinnamon Life is one of her favorites as she eats it practically every morning.

The wholesome children on the bottle kind of made me think of Cinnamon Life; a wholesome breakfast with a hint of child-like cinnamon sugar.

A cereal that is equally enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Clear, concise, consistent, correct, and complete,

Day 179 - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...OMG ANOTHER HOLIDAY SEASON!

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Blame society. Blame capitalism, the government, and door-buster deals. Blame the economy for being lousy, but not lousy enough to keep customers from shopping at 12:15 in the morning. Why are we open until midnight now? Apparently it is prime time to be waited on hand-and-foot. A great opportunity to be the only shopper while the automatic lights switch off. Where you are free to ask a million-and-a-half stupid questions just because you can and somehow that makes you feel special.

If my posts are late or lack-luster lately, it's because I've signed away my soul to the store at which I am employed. Christmas time at the biggest toy store there is; gee-whiz. Open at 7:00am, close at 12:00am. Seventeen hours of fun, fun, f...get me out of here!

Today's bottle - that is, yesterday's bottle, or, since it is past midnight, the bottle that was meant for Thursday - is filled with powdered sugar. The ski-lift on the label made me think of the sweet, fresh powder - snow, that is.

I'll make up for the two bottles I owe tomorrow.

I am really sorry.

Blame it on anything but me,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 178 - Oui, Oui

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I know a little French.

Je n'aime pas cest bottle.

I like it better before I melted the chocolate and before I added the yellow colored bits.

Better description later.

Au revoir,

P.S. - Before...

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 177 - Show Me the Dough

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As Kevin had said in his comment before this post was even complete, the connection here really isn't important. Bottles like this, the ones that are colorful and interesting to look at from all sides speak for themselves.

So I don't want to fog this bottle with a bunch of words. It is filled with Play-Doh, the childhood modeling compound. A total of 12 different colors were used to fill this bottle. The colors were carefully chosen, mashed together, rolled into a thin snake old-school style, and crammed into the bottle.

I actually chose this bottle purposely. I thought the beautiful flowers on the label needed a little color.

Ah, love that smell,

P.S. - The colors used...

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And a look at the different sides...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Day 176 - Muy Caliente

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I don't know, I needed a quick and easy filler for this post to make up for yesterday's vacation. Luckily Mitch hunted down and saved a few bottles for me including the one seen here. The mask made me think of those Lucha Libre Mexican wrestlers, you know, the ones that wear the elaborate masks. So, to connect the mask in the picture to the masks worn by the luchadores I chose to fill this bottle with an authentic Mexican hot sauce; Salsa Valentina. Salsa Valentina is made in Mexico, Mexican wrestlers, masks.

¡Hasta luego!,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 175 - Not in Kansas Anymore

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Another glimpse into Bobby's world today with this post, and another filler engineered by him. Even while out on a business trip to Topeka, Kansas, Dad showed his commitment to Jones-a-Day. Every opportunity he had to stash little bits of trash, tiny mementos from the road, he took. I picked him up from the airport and, on the way home, we revealed his idea to me. Get a bottle, fill it with these particles of his trip, and make a reference to Dorothy's classic, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". Clever as it was true, he wasn't in Kansas anymore.

So the bicycle on the label is meant to signify travel. The somber silhouette a symbol of being alone; like being away from home in a strange place. The bottle is filled with the following (in order from the bottom up);

One large paper napkin (slightly used)
Brown paper bag from "National Coney Island"
Empty bag of original Sunchips
Protective seal to travel-sized deodorant
Wrapper to bar of hotel soap
Restaurant straw wrapper
Two (2) empty bags of airline peanuts
Paper napkin wrapper/holder
One pair of neon green earplugs (supplied by U.S. Army)
Boarding pass

There's no place like home,