Thursday, October 29, 2009


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I almost feel that the original place-holding post I had here was more appropriate, but for the sake of keeping things uniform I decided against that.

There is only so many things Halloween-related that you can find or buy cheap that will fit into a bottle. While closing at work one night we discovered an open bottle of this purple slime. The rest of the night consisted of me fighting off Stevie as she tried to pour into into my pockets.

The slime is a weird consistency. It is a really watery gelatinous material, but feels solid and slippery. The color is very retro Halloween; neon purple.

Stevie said it reminded her of brains. Good enough connection for me,

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  1. I thought it was Pepto-Bismol for your upset stomach after eating all that candy yesterday and drinking dread apple soda. Aunt Kay