Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 171 - Trick or Treat

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What is Halloween to you? An excuse to finally be the superhero you've always dreamed of being? A defense for toilet-papering a friend's, or complete stranger's, front yard? Or are you in it for the free candy?

The delicious, "fun-sized" candy bars. I remember coming home after a night of doorbells and "trick-or-treats" with a bag full of candy. I remember unloading my haul on the living room carpet, carefully sorting out the good from the gooder and the great from the greatest. All the shiny wrappers, promises of deliciousness and a nice little rush. The pumpkin in the picture, with eyes so wide, looks like he is in the middle of a Halloween-candy induced sugar high. Maybe he is the one responsible for leaving all these candy wrappers empty.

Today's bottle is filled with "fun-sized" 3 Musketeers and Twix candy bar wrappers.

How much more Halloween can it get?,

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  1. Great label and filler. Are those 3 Musketeers wrappers your's or your Mom's? Just kidding. Aunt Kay