Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 168 - On The 1st Day of Halloween my BOO Love Gave to Me...

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Bubble bubble, toil and trouble...

I promise this is no trick, quite the contrary, it is actually a nice little treat. Jones-a-Day will be counting down the days to Halloween with special black-and-orange, All Hollows' Eve themed bottles.

An unexpected and completely amazing find by Stevie, I would have never happened upon these bottles if not for her eagle-eyes. I was thrilled; these bottles will be the first limited edition, specialty bottles featured on the site. So excited.

To kick things off is a bottle filled with Halloween-themed sprinkles. Sugar sprinkles of black, purple, and orange as well as bat and pumpkin sprinkles and tiny balls of black and orange. This one is real cool to inspect closely in real life from all different angles.

The label-to-filler connections on the next week's worth of bottles aren't going to be amazing as the main connection is the spooky image to the spooky holiday. But I picked the skeleton teeth because the sugary sprinkles are surely inducers of cavities. Teeth, cavities, sugar, sprinkles; a fourth degree, and perfectly acceptable, connection.


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  1. Cool bottle. Love the label and the filler. Your Stevie sounds great. Aunt Kay