Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 167 - Rain, Rain, Go Away [EDIT]

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Ah, another bottle filled with water. I don't feel bad. Here's why...

Think about how cool a collection of different waters would be. Sure, they don't look as cool as the others, but conceptually they are pretty unique. Imagine a collection of bottles each filled with water from a different Great Lake. Imagine a group of bottles containing water from each of the world's oceans.

Who knows where this water came from. We've been in the middle of a real wet, cold Autumn and the rain seems endless. This bottle was filled with rain water that had been collected in a single day. The building in the picture is the foreground of a formidable, stormy-looking background. The rain in the bottles mimics the feelings invoked by the picture.

And, like I said, who knows where this rain water came from. It could be water from anywhere in the world. Maybe some of the water in this bottle has a connection to some of the water seen in the picture.

It's all very cyclic,

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