Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 166 - Ah, Honey, Honey [EDIT]

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Tried something new today in more than one regard; for starters I bought my Jones from a different store than usual and, secondly, bought a few of the sugar-free soda because the labels were the best of the bunch. A strange revelation set in, one that the old man was quick to see. I've always prided Jones on the fact that most of their sodas are made with pure cane sugar. Which makes the thought of their sugar-free soda strange. A pop that is so known for a particular ingredient purposely excluded said ingredient. Awkward.

To help ease my troubled mind I filled in the blanks. Today's bottle is filled with sugar; now that's a proper Jones.

The label shows a couple walking between the rails of a train track, hand-in-hand. A very sweet and comforting scene; like sugar. A label that makes me feel good. A label that marks the return of my sweetheart from her week-long vacation out-of-state. I can't wait.

Another thing I want to address is some comments left by a few people jonesing hard out there.

The Mysterious "K" - The picture of the bottle from Day 164 just has the remnants of the baking soda and vinegar. It would have been cool to cap the bottle mid explosion, but I ran out of vinegar and once the reaction occurs there is no restarting it, even with vigorous shaking. I agree though, the caked on baking soda looks cool on the inside of the bottle and the baking soda is practically cemented on the bottom of the bottle. Almost 100% of the vinegar has soaked into the baking soda. It seems like the cohesion of the liquid vinegar is holding it in place.

Dad - I am starting to create a "Master Theorem" sheet for Jones-a-Day including all the rules of drinking, posting, etc. In lieu of all the theorems and theorem sheets I'm dealing with in Non-Euclidean geometry, it seemed like a natural idea. The sheet is now going to include the separation rule you hinted to on the previous post. "If a label-to-filler connection is six degrees of separation or less, it is an adequately acceptable connection. Moreover, the degree of separation will correspond to a natural number where the lesser the value the better the connection with the best being equal to 1 and the worst being equal to 6".

Bre - Heck yes! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed the different flavors of Tootsie Rolls. I actually prefer the vanilla to any other Tootsie flavor around. Some people think this sinful, but they're just so delicious. Maybe a vanilla Tootsie Roll bottle would compliment this bottle perfectly. Kind of a "good versus evil" sort of thing. Or a bottle with all flavors of rolls in one; like a melting pot for Tootsie Rolls. Man, you may have started something here.

Technically it's 12:06am here, I better get to submitting,


  1. I'm not sure if you have an Aunt Kay that also asked you, or if you think I'm your aunt...either way, thanks for the answer...

  2. Oh, no way! I did imagine that my Aunt Kay had made a profile just to post comments on Jones-a-Day. Wow, sorry for the mix-up there, thanks for the comments, K.

    This is going to get confusing, like having two people with the same name in the same classroom.

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  4. Kevin. Now you know.

    (Laura's brother, Steph's former classmate)

  5. Yes, there is an Aunt Kay. I think your bottle is "sweet". Aunt Kay