Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 165 - Oops!

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So, hopefully, nobody noticed. After taking this picture, transferring it to the computer and renaming, I realized I was missing a picture. I had a photo for Day 163, 165, and what I thought was Day 166. I searched my hard-drive for Day 164's picture and realized I had made a horrible error. It is kind of a running joke that I, like a lot of math majors, can't do math. Well, apparently, I was absent on counting with natural numbers day as I skipped Day 164.

And nobody said anything. The labels at Jones-a-Day went Day 162, 163,, how embarrassing.

This has nothing to do with today's post, I just thought I would share. Try to pay more attention next time.

Tootsie Roll wrappers; every scrap of trash in this house has turned into potential filler. I noticed the bag of Tootsie Rolls stashed in my Mom's crafting lair and subtly placed a jar next to the bag with a few wrappers in it. Hint, hint; put Tootsie wrappers in here.

No connection to the label.



  1. Pool shaped like a guitar
    Guitar plays music
    Most popular type of music: Rock & Roll
    Tootsie ROLL!!

    less than 6 degrees of separation now validates a label to filler connection!!


  2. I love tootsie rolls.... esp the vanilla flavored ones ^_^

  3. Tootsie rolls are suppose to be chocolate! What is this world coming to? Aunt Kay

  4. Flavored Tootsie rolls were invented in 1931... just FYI