Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 159 - Men Like Chocolate Too [EDIT]

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There are two things that bother me about cereal fillers - okay, there are probably more than two, but I digress. First of all, most of the time, with a few odd exceptions, they look so bland. Secondly I feel defeated with cereal fillers and cheap, simple fillers in general. I had big ideas for this bottle, it was a unique label with plenty of filler options. Women protesters in the pic, think of the possibilities. Bras, lipstick, pantyhose; the possibilities were endless. But, as mentioned previously, numerous times in fact, that I am broke. So I searched for a cereal or other pantry commodity to fill a bottle with. I saw Chocolate miniature, bite-sized, frosted Mini-Wheats and forced a label-to-filler connection. So here it is.

I took the opportunity to pull a little reversi action. "Rev-er-si - noun; 1) a reversal of somewhat conflicting ideas. 2) A word I completely just made up." So there is an awfully, completely sexist opinion that women love chocolate. I believe, as a fine, upstanding, un-chauvinistic male that women actually despise chocolate...alright, I can't keep that up for too long. So women, for the most part, love chocolate. But what about men? I, as a man, can say that I love chocolate; love, love, love, love, love chocolate. Why can't this stereotype apply to men too? Chocolate makes me feel happier. I'd love a little surprise chocolate now and then. And I can honestly say that I crave chocolate at least once a month.

In fact, there's a can of frosting in the fridge with my name on it,

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