Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 158 - Ah, Real Monsters

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When I tell people about my Jones-a-Day project, in other words, when I go fishing for another hit on my counter, the first things people suggest are disgusting. "You should fill one with pee" is the first and most common response. To alleviate any discomfort quickly, no, this is not urine in this bottle. Although, it has been rumored that bull urine is in energy drinks, I'm not sure if Monster contains any.

As promised, or, I guess, as forewarned, the bottles coming up might be increasingly bland. At this moment I have less than fifty, make that less that forty dollars to my name and two brand new tires to pay for and an empty tank to take care of. This means no money for bottles and absolutely no money for filler.

This bottle is filled with Monster energy drink; a can that had been purchased months ago. I imagined monster to be green in color but, to my surprise, is actually the color of urine. No wonder it tastes like acrid waste.

Monster is often associated with "extreme" sports like skateboarding or BMX biking. I guess wakeboarding could be put into this category.

Voila, connection,


  1. I don't know whether it was intentional, but I really like the effect that the liquid in the neck has on the stairs in the photo in the background. I went back to try to find another post where this "happened". So far, Day 25 is the only other one that I found.


  2. It's funny that you said that because as I was taking this picture I thought about how boring the filler was. But then I realized that there was more to the picture than bottle and filler, I realized the background was also part of the experience. I noticed the image distortion when taking this picture and felt better about the lame liquid filler.

  3. The "effect" was cool. The urine talk was gross. Aunt Kay