Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 153 - Ah, Fudgesicles!

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So, due to a recent financial - how to say - splurge, the creativity of Jones may suffer a little until the next paycheck thirteen days from now. Unfortunately this project kind of dependent on money; bottles and filler cost money. And, unfortunately, the more bottles I have the better the chance of a cool filler-to-label connection. What I am trying to say is, give me a break as the next thirteen bottles or so may not be the most creative, thoughtful, or exciting.

So an old math buddy of mine, Gerald, and I were coming back from getting food on campus when we pass a discarded Jones bottle sitting in the grass. Eagle-eye Gerald spots in and, since my hands were full of Chinese food, takes it into the bathroom to clean it off and rinse it out. I was browsing through my emptied bottles and among the few that are not on reserve (that is, among those that I have no brilliant ideas for) I spotted this one. With the girls on the front covered in, mud I started thinking of filler that relates to mud. Of course my first thought was, duh, mud, but this would be too obvious. Fitting, sure, since it is a rainy, muddy mess outside, but too obvious. So it was off to the pantry. I came across two bottles of hot fudge; best used by July 2005. Perfect, hot fudge kind of reminds me of mud, what it being black and liquid and all, and it was going to be thrown out anyway.

I love these bottles where something more viscous is melted down, poured, and allowed to re-harden.

And, now that I think about it, this one is also a nice compliment to Day 31's bottle. You know the whole, "you got peanut butter on my chocolate" thing?

Could there be a more perfect combination,

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  1. Wow. That label was pretty suggestive. Hot fudge was perfect. Aunt Kay