Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 152 - In a Jam

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What a perfect compliment to Day 31's post. strawberry jam; when heated becomes a smooth, syrupy elixir that is easily poured into a bottle. The filling process reminded me a lot of the peanut butter bottles, one of my all-time favorites; heat the substance to a less dense liquid, pour, allow to re-harden. It seemed almost natural that the filling processes were so akin as the fillers go hand-in-hand. The peanut butter, the jam, the classic comfort sandwich and lunchroom staple.

What tickles me more - a phrase I try to avoid - is the connection between filler and label. Think about it; the label features a girl who has drawn different faces on each of her toes. Thinking of toes makes me think of toe jam. Toe jam.

I felt clever,

P.S. - A better view of the jam in the bottle...

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  1. Let's try this again (I put the comment on the wrong day's post).
    So.... What's next, a bottle with two pieces of bread stuffed into it? I would suggest day 183. Do you know why??


  2. That one is too easy; it'd be best suited for Day 183 because the sum of 152 (today's post) and 31 (the peanut butter post) is 183.

    Come on, dad, challenge me like you did with your crazy geometric figure idea.

  3. Toe jam is like belly button lint but firmer. AK