Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cross My Heart

Here's how I see it; I owe everybody two descriptions for the previous two bottles, two bottles for today and yesterday with descriptions, and will, come midnight, owe a bottle and description for tomorrow's post. If you add that up, carry the two, I owe a grand total of three bottles and five descriptions. Good news; I have two bottles already filled for today and yesterday. Better news; descriptions come cheap. So, really, all I owe is one bottle. So, actually, I'm not that far behind.


I feel like a Kit-Kat commercial here asking for so many breaks, but with the holiday season approaching, the toy store at which I work is dealing out heavier and heavier hours. And, with the semester getting deeper and deeper, the math is getting even more abstract.

Add tutoring and loving my baby on top of that, and I'm employed 25/7.

The two bottles for today and yesterday are pretty good, though, I have to admit,

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  1. I'll let you slide because I know you are busy and have a life but I do enjoy your comments and can't wait to see the next bottle. Get caught up when you can. Another follower. Aunt Kay