Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 174 - All Hollows'

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Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you all are enjoying your night of spooks, sweets, and other special treats.

I'll take this special night as an excuse to keep things brief. Today's bottle is filled with pumpkin pie filling. I think it makes a great filler for this label because the leaf-filled, pumpkin-shaped bags in the picture are anything but happy this Halloween. The one in the foreground looks so sad, as if one of his fleshy brothers had been mashed to make the pie filling for this bottle.

Yum, another reason to look forward to Autumn,

Day 173 - This Land is GARland [EDIT]

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...was too busy rubbing a Jello/conditioner paste into Stevie's hair to get this one up on time. More to come for this one and yesterday's post tomorrow afternoon.

For the time being, this one is filled with special purple and silver Halloween themed garland.

Good night,

P.S. - You know what? I was going to edit this one, but the description is too good. Purple and silver Halloween garland, the shadow cast by the metal cemetery sign reminds me of the stringy garland, both decoration in their own wiry ways.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


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I almost feel that the original place-holding post I had here was more appropriate, but for the sake of keeping things uniform I decided against that.

There is only so many things Halloween-related that you can find or buy cheap that will fit into a bottle. While closing at work one night we discovered an open bottle of this purple slime. The rest of the night consisted of me fighting off Stevie as she tried to pour into into my pockets.

The slime is a weird consistency. It is a really watery gelatinous material, but feels solid and slippery. The color is very retro Halloween; neon purple.

Stevie said it reminded her of brains. Good enough connection for me,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 171 - Trick or Treat

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What is Halloween to you? An excuse to finally be the superhero you've always dreamed of being? A defense for toilet-papering a friend's, or complete stranger's, front yard? Or are you in it for the free candy?

The delicious, "fun-sized" candy bars. I remember coming home after a night of doorbells and "trick-or-treats" with a bag full of candy. I remember unloading my haul on the living room carpet, carefully sorting out the good from the gooder and the great from the greatest. All the shiny wrappers, promises of deliciousness and a nice little rush. The pumpkin in the picture, with eyes so wide, looks like he is in the middle of a Halloween-candy induced sugar high. Maybe he is the one responsible for leaving all these candy wrappers empty.

Today's bottle is filled with "fun-sized" 3 Musketeers and Twix candy bar wrappers.

How much more Halloween can it get?,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 170 - Arachnophobia

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To help enhance the mood I took this one in the dark.

Full description to come later, as well as updates to Days 167 and 169.

But for now, just so you know, today's bottle is filled with fake spiderweb.

And a little something...extra (see "P.S." Pics),

P.S. - Creepy crawler...

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Day 169 - Mmmm...Maize [EDIT]

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"What a great filler for this one. Candy corn and pumpkins spell autumn. This one made me smile and remember walking to school through the crunching sound of fallen leaves. Thanks."
~Aunt Kay

One of my favorite bottles ever. The colors, the memories, the feelings inspired; all amazing.

I'd write more, but this one kind of speaks for itself. No connections needed, no explanations necessary.

But just to keep things legit, this bottle is filled with Candy Corn,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 168 - On The 1st Day of Halloween my BOO Love Gave to Me...

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Bubble bubble, toil and trouble...

I promise this is no trick, quite the contrary, it is actually a nice little treat. Jones-a-Day will be counting down the days to Halloween with special black-and-orange, All Hollows' Eve themed bottles.

An unexpected and completely amazing find by Stevie, I would have never happened upon these bottles if not for her eagle-eyes. I was thrilled; these bottles will be the first limited edition, specialty bottles featured on the site. So excited.

To kick things off is a bottle filled with Halloween-themed sprinkles. Sugar sprinkles of black, purple, and orange as well as bat and pumpkin sprinkles and tiny balls of black and orange. This one is real cool to inspect closely in real life from all different angles.

The label-to-filler connections on the next week's worth of bottles aren't going to be amazing as the main connection is the spooky image to the spooky holiday. But I picked the skeleton teeth because the sugary sprinkles are surely inducers of cavities. Teeth, cavities, sugar, sprinkles; a fourth degree, and perfectly acceptable, connection.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 167 - Rain, Rain, Go Away [EDIT]

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Ah, another bottle filled with water. I don't feel bad. Here's why...

Think about how cool a collection of different waters would be. Sure, they don't look as cool as the others, but conceptually they are pretty unique. Imagine a collection of bottles each filled with water from a different Great Lake. Imagine a group of bottles containing water from each of the world's oceans.

Who knows where this water came from. We've been in the middle of a real wet, cold Autumn and the rain seems endless. This bottle was filled with rain water that had been collected in a single day. The building in the picture is the foreground of a formidable, stormy-looking background. The rain in the bottles mimics the feelings invoked by the picture.

And, like I said, who knows where this rain water came from. It could be water from anywhere in the world. Maybe some of the water in this bottle has a connection to some of the water seen in the picture.

It's all very cyclic,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 166 - Ah, Honey, Honey [EDIT]

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Tried something new today in more than one regard; for starters I bought my Jones from a different store than usual and, secondly, bought a few of the sugar-free soda because the labels were the best of the bunch. A strange revelation set in, one that the old man was quick to see. I've always prided Jones on the fact that most of their sodas are made with pure cane sugar. Which makes the thought of their sugar-free soda strange. A pop that is so known for a particular ingredient purposely excluded said ingredient. Awkward.

To help ease my troubled mind I filled in the blanks. Today's bottle is filled with sugar; now that's a proper Jones.

The label shows a couple walking between the rails of a train track, hand-in-hand. A very sweet and comforting scene; like sugar. A label that makes me feel good. A label that marks the return of my sweetheart from her week-long vacation out-of-state. I can't wait.

Another thing I want to address is some comments left by a few people jonesing hard out there.

The Mysterious "K" - The picture of the bottle from Day 164 just has the remnants of the baking soda and vinegar. It would have been cool to cap the bottle mid explosion, but I ran out of vinegar and once the reaction occurs there is no restarting it, even with vigorous shaking. I agree though, the caked on baking soda looks cool on the inside of the bottle and the baking soda is practically cemented on the bottom of the bottle. Almost 100% of the vinegar has soaked into the baking soda. It seems like the cohesion of the liquid vinegar is holding it in place.

Dad - I am starting to create a "Master Theorem" sheet for Jones-a-Day including all the rules of drinking, posting, etc. In lieu of all the theorems and theorem sheets I'm dealing with in Non-Euclidean geometry, it seemed like a natural idea. The sheet is now going to include the separation rule you hinted to on the previous post. "If a label-to-filler connection is six degrees of separation or less, it is an adequately acceptable connection. Moreover, the degree of separation will correspond to a natural number where the lesser the value the better the connection with the best being equal to 1 and the worst being equal to 6".

Bre - Heck yes! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed the different flavors of Tootsie Rolls. I actually prefer the vanilla to any other Tootsie flavor around. Some people think this sinful, but they're just so delicious. Maybe a vanilla Tootsie Roll bottle would compliment this bottle perfectly. Kind of a "good versus evil" sort of thing. Or a bottle with all flavors of rolls in one; like a melting pot for Tootsie Rolls. Man, you may have started something here.

Technically it's 12:06am here, I better get to submitting,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 165 - Oops!

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So, hopefully, nobody noticed. After taking this picture, transferring it to the computer and renaming, I realized I was missing a picture. I had a photo for Day 163, 165, and what I thought was Day 166. I searched my hard-drive for Day 164's picture and realized I had made a horrible error. It is kind of a running joke that I, like a lot of math majors, can't do math. Well, apparently, I was absent on counting with natural numbers day as I skipped Day 164.

And nobody said anything. The labels at Jones-a-Day went Day 162, 163,, how embarrassing.

This has nothing to do with today's post, I just thought I would share. Try to pay more attention next time.

Tootsie Roll wrappers; every scrap of trash in this house has turned into potential filler. I noticed the bag of Tootsie Rolls stashed in my Mom's crafting lair and subtly placed a jar next to the bag with a few wrappers in it. Hint, hint; put Tootsie wrappers in here.

No connection to the label.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 164 - SUCCESS!

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So Jones-a-Day is no stranger to science experiments. There is the monster of mold growing in my refrigerator from Day 103 and the garden growing on the window sill from Day 140. Both pretty cool in concept, but none as explosive or entertaining as today's post...

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Muwahahaha; the go-to grade-school science experiment. The D.Y.I. volcano - baking soda and vinegar.

I'd try to make up a label-to-filler connection, but this post is too cool to cover with such monotony.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

Moreover, what's the worth of three videos?,

P.S. - The first attempt...

The second go; a little more baking soda, a lot more vinegar...

The third, final, and most spectacular reaction. A lot more baking soda, a little more vinegar...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 163 - Tree Hugger

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Was forced to make an emergency run to Meijer directly before this photo to buy bottles, luckily Mom had bought a bag of mixed beans for the purpose of my project. It was a warming feeling to have my Mom call from the store to ask if I've done dry beans yet; glad I'm not the only one focused on day 365.

So I normally buy bottles 12, 16 at a time but as a broken, skipping record would dictate, that I don't have the funds for that. So I had to filter through the entire stock to find four bottles; one had to match the bean filler. This is the best I could do. I thought of tree-huggers and how beans probably compose a large portion of their diets; what with the protein and lack of animal and such in beans.

So, as I said, the bottle was emptied and quickly dried before filling. Part of me hopes a little left-over water residue makes some of the beans sprout.

That'd be cool,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 162 - Pretty in Pink

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Yes, okay, I know, I know, I know. I've already done a bottle with packing peanuts all the way back at day number eight. If you remembered that, "bravo" to you. You are either a huge fan or a casual reader with a steel-trap between your ears.

But before you get all bent out of shape, realize that these are not packing peanuts. True packing peanuts resemble the legume for which they are named. These are packing "S's" as, as you can see, they are in the shape of an "S".

On the way down to scrap-booking central, that is, the basement where Mom has taken over, I happened upon a box with pink packing "S's". It was like finding buried treasure. My stock of bottles in low and I knew I wanted something pink for my remaining breast-cancer-awareness bottle. Wanting to save the bottle for when I had money for a fitting filler, my mind was burdened by today's post. Finding this box removed said burden.

The connection is obvious. The pink Styrofoam "S's" and the pink bottle. The "S" stands for Sue (a.k.a. "Mom").

Until tomorrow,

P.S. - Oh, so that's what Bobby was building...

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 161 - Like It's 1999

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Keep things simple with this one, might as well as there is not a lot to it. The bottle is filled with confetti; tiny pieces of brightly colored strips of paper, crimped and crammed into a small plastic bag, waiting to spill out and work their way into the carpet as the bag is torn open. Hoping someday to be tossed into the air to the sounds of party-horns or cheers of "surprise". Unfortunately for these particles of confetti, they will receive no such opportunity. Instead they will be stationary and celebrated quietly, memorialized within a glass bottle.

I was saving this filler for a special Jones occasion, perhaps Day 200 or something. But, with desperate times come desperate measures and these grand ideas were pushed aside by my empty wallet.

So it was time to make connections and make them quickly. Mom had bought me a four-pack of bottles, bless her heart, and two of which were not repeats. The bottle in today's post is one of the new ones. Homecoming is always a time to celebrate for High Schools and, with it being Autumn, 'tis the season. The label is an ode to school dances. The filler an ode to celebrations.

It's a party,

P.S. - What is Bobby (a.k.a. "Dad") building?

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That's where are these spectacular sparks coming from? Bobby's special handy-man-magic?
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 160 - Pip, Pip

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P.S. - K.I.S.S.

Day 159 - Men Like Chocolate Too [EDIT]

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There are two things that bother me about cereal fillers - okay, there are probably more than two, but I digress. First of all, most of the time, with a few odd exceptions, they look so bland. Secondly I feel defeated with cereal fillers and cheap, simple fillers in general. I had big ideas for this bottle, it was a unique label with plenty of filler options. Women protesters in the pic, think of the possibilities. Bras, lipstick, pantyhose; the possibilities were endless. But, as mentioned previously, numerous times in fact, that I am broke. So I searched for a cereal or other pantry commodity to fill a bottle with. I saw Chocolate miniature, bite-sized, frosted Mini-Wheats and forced a label-to-filler connection. So here it is.

I took the opportunity to pull a little reversi action. "Rev-er-si - noun; 1) a reversal of somewhat conflicting ideas. 2) A word I completely just made up." So there is an awfully, completely sexist opinion that women love chocolate. I believe, as a fine, upstanding, un-chauvinistic male that women actually despise chocolate...alright, I can't keep that up for too long. So women, for the most part, love chocolate. But what about men? I, as a man, can say that I love chocolate; love, love, love, love, love chocolate. Why can't this stereotype apply to men too? Chocolate makes me feel happier. I'd love a little surprise chocolate now and then. And I can honestly say that I crave chocolate at least once a month.

In fact, there's a can of frosting in the fridge with my name on it,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 158 - Ah, Real Monsters

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When I tell people about my Jones-a-Day project, in other words, when I go fishing for another hit on my counter, the first things people suggest are disgusting. "You should fill one with pee" is the first and most common response. To alleviate any discomfort quickly, no, this is not urine in this bottle. Although, it has been rumored that bull urine is in energy drinks, I'm not sure if Monster contains any.

As promised, or, I guess, as forewarned, the bottles coming up might be increasingly bland. At this moment I have less than fifty, make that less that forty dollars to my name and two brand new tires to pay for and an empty tank to take care of. This means no money for bottles and absolutely no money for filler.

This bottle is filled with Monster energy drink; a can that had been purchased months ago. I imagined monster to be green in color but, to my surprise, is actually the color of urine. No wonder it tastes like acrid waste.

Monster is often associated with "extreme" sports like skateboarding or BMX biking. I guess wakeboarding could be put into this category.

Voila, connection,

Day 157 - All Fall Down

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"To everything - turn, turn turn. There is a season - turn, turn, turn..."

With the cooler weather comes warmer colors; brilliant yellows and oranges. Splashes of bright, October red. The leaves, like the season, are changing. As soon as I received this bottle with a girl holding a large, what appears to be maple leaf, I had visions of Autumn and the array of colors.

The bottle ended up more real-to-real-life and the colors a little less spectacular than expected. But that's life. You don't always get what you want.

In this bottle, dry, dead, Fall leaves. I tried to grab the yellows and oranges, ended up with a lot of pale green and fart brown.

Can't wait for Halloween. I got something special planned,

Day 156 - Psychotic

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There have been a lot of bottles so far in this little experiment, some filled with food, some with trash, and some with items that were, more or less, borrowed from the family cupboards. Out of all those bottles so far in this project, and out of those in to come in the future, this one has got to be the creepiest.

The idea had been on my list for a long time; chicken bones. Considering Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty much a weekly appointment for me to keep, I decided last time to ask for a to-go box for my left-over bones. "Oh, for your dog?" the waitress asked, smiling. "Yeah...let's go with that" Stevie and I reply. I've never felt so creepy in my life; asking for the chicken bones as if I had a satanic ritual to carry out that night. I felt even creepier boiling the meat off the bones, ripping the spare flesh off with my hands, and drying them in the oven. The tray of white bone sitting in the oven, I imagined I was Charles Manson or Ed Gein preparing to make another coffee table, or perhaps a chaisse lounger out of human bone.

Which brings me to my connection, or, that is, my label-to-filler connections. The first being the image of wild cats, like tigers or lions, on the discovery channel ripping the meat off a fresh antelope carcass. The second and more important one involves Stevies's feline friend.

On the label a cat sits atop a fence, a cat that bears a striking resemblance to her cat, Psycho. I first met Psycho thinking it an odd name for a cat, come to find out, this cat is CRAZY. I've never seen a cat chase his tail for as long as this cat, or get in the way as much as Psycho does. On two occasions I had to chase Psycho around, outside, after he had attempted to escape the house by pawing at the door knob. And I've never, ever, heard of an animal that wants nothing more than to burst the door open when someone is in the bathroom.

So, to you Psycho, I give you on of my craziest, most psychopathic bottles ever.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cross My Heart

Here's how I see it; I owe everybody two descriptions for the previous two bottles, two bottles for today and yesterday with descriptions, and will, come midnight, owe a bottle and description for tomorrow's post. If you add that up, carry the two, I owe a grand total of three bottles and five descriptions. Good news; I have two bottles already filled for today and yesterday. Better news; descriptions come cheap. So, really, all I owe is one bottle. So, actually, I'm not that far behind.


I feel like a Kit-Kat commercial here asking for so many breaks, but with the holiday season approaching, the toy store at which I work is dealing out heavier and heavier hours. And, with the semester getting deeper and deeper, the math is getting even more abstract.

Add tutoring and loving my baby on top of that, and I'm employed 25/7.

The two bottles for today and yesterday are pretty good, though, I have to admit,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 155 - Fill-ament [EDIT]

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Fil⋅a⋅ment - noun;
1) a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril: filaments of gold.

The connection to the label follows almost directly from this definition. Inside the bottle is the remnants of an old air filter, I believe from an air conditioner or some other large appliance. The web of tough fibers was cut, ripped, and strung into this bottle which features a compact-fluorescent light-bulb on the label. While designing the first light-bulb, Edison struggled with how to create and shape the filament; all that hard-work seems lost now that filament bulbs as declining in popularity.

Connection is left to the reader,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 154 - Padded Post [EDIT]

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Alright, so you may have noticed, unless you're relatively new to this author's Jones project, that this post marks the first of five that are owed to you, the viewers. Not a ton to say, and that is not for a lack of effort. On the label a trash can, which is exactly where I found this left-over carpet padding.

Really, that's it,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 153 - Ah, Fudgesicles!

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So, due to a recent financial - how to say - splurge, the creativity of Jones may suffer a little until the next paycheck thirteen days from now. Unfortunately this project kind of dependent on money; bottles and filler cost money. And, unfortunately, the more bottles I have the better the chance of a cool filler-to-label connection. What I am trying to say is, give me a break as the next thirteen bottles or so may not be the most creative, thoughtful, or exciting.

So an old math buddy of mine, Gerald, and I were coming back from getting food on campus when we pass a discarded Jones bottle sitting in the grass. Eagle-eye Gerald spots in and, since my hands were full of Chinese food, takes it into the bathroom to clean it off and rinse it out. I was browsing through my emptied bottles and among the few that are not on reserve (that is, among those that I have no brilliant ideas for) I spotted this one. With the girls on the front covered in, mud I started thinking of filler that relates to mud. Of course my first thought was, duh, mud, but this would be too obvious. Fitting, sure, since it is a rainy, muddy mess outside, but too obvious. So it was off to the pantry. I came across two bottles of hot fudge; best used by July 2005. Perfect, hot fudge kind of reminds me of mud, what it being black and liquid and all, and it was going to be thrown out anyway.

I love these bottles where something more viscous is melted down, poured, and allowed to re-harden.

And, now that I think about it, this one is also a nice compliment to Day 31's bottle. You know the whole, "you got peanut butter on my chocolate" thing?

Could there be a more perfect combination,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 152 - In a Jam

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What a perfect compliment to Day 31's post. strawberry jam; when heated becomes a smooth, syrupy elixir that is easily poured into a bottle. The filling process reminded me a lot of the peanut butter bottles, one of my all-time favorites; heat the substance to a less dense liquid, pour, allow to re-harden. It seemed almost natural that the filling processes were so akin as the fillers go hand-in-hand. The peanut butter, the jam, the classic comfort sandwich and lunchroom staple.

What tickles me more - a phrase I try to avoid - is the connection between filler and label. Think about it; the label features a girl who has drawn different faces on each of her toes. Thinking of toes makes me think of toe jam. Toe jam.

I felt clever,

P.S. - A better view of the jam in the bottle...

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Day 151 - You CAN Do It To

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Meh, this one didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, but it gets the job done. Another bottle in the Jones "save the environment" recycling campaign, the label features a bin full of cans and bottles, aluminum and plastic, with the word "Recycling" on the front. So, it seemed only natural to fill this bottle with the same. There is a total of $0.80 worth of cans in this bottle, that's eight cans in case you are not aware that Michigan has a ten cent deposit, all cans are a different "flavor". There's Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Sprite, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vernor's Ginger Ale, Coke, and a Miller Light can.

F.T.L.C. is obvious,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 150 - The More You Eat...

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Do this one quick; first, to explain the title, the bottle is filled with All-Bran cereal. And you know what they say about bran...the more you eat...

Next, the filler-to-label-connection, none that I can think of. I guess the outdoors reminds me of being all-natural and eating a bunch of nuts and grains and being skinny. Eating healthier, eating more fiber, pooping more.

Kind of a lame, disturbing post.

Sorry I said "poop",

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 149 - Sit, Ubu, Sit

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Pretty obvious all around here, going to be hard making a substantial post here. Dog treats have been on my idea list for a while and when I received this bottle, one that featured a trained dog jumping through a hoop, I knew it was time to act. I knew that this style of treat, the "Combo" style if you will, would be the best fitting as it is almost as classic as the Milkbone. When looking for these treats in the dog-food aisles I saw a box that said, "perfect for training". So everything added up; the style of treat, the quote on the box, the label.

Good dog,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 148 - "Traveling, Swallowing Dramamine"

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As I think about this bottle, the label and contents within, the connections between filler and photograph are growing in number and detail. To start this post properly I should start with the history of this bottle. So it was a cold July afternoon in Canada...okay, we'll skip past the birth of the bottle, past the part where I went to the store to buy it, past the drinking of the soda and the cleaning of the bottle. One night I decided to cook pasta for three special ladies. Dinner was a hit and although we all ate healthily there was still a giant pot full of cooked spaghetti. Two days later, there was still a giant pot of cooked spaghetti. "Why not put it in a bottle?" suggested Stevie. Well, I had always imagined cooked spaghetti in a bottle, but not quite like this. I imagined cooking the spaghetti and filling the bottle within the same night. These noodles, however, were left to rot on the stove. They were a pile a wet, sticky, smelly wheat. I chose this bottle because the filler I had planned to put inside, the aforementioned rotting noodles, reminded me of hot sick and the label reminded me of those unfortunate people who become seasick on the open waters. I filled the bottle, gagging as the wet rancid slop burped its way into the bottle, and capped it shut. Before it could be photographed I started to rethink the filler. Seriously, just looking at the bottle made me ill. It was quickly dumped, re-cleaned, and placed to dry on the shelf.

So today, in a huge hurry as usual, I raided the pantry for filler. Spotting two cans of sliced green beans that I had stolen from some former roommate, I ran upstairs to find a bottle to suit. I saw this one and was reminded of how disgusting the noodles were and how gross the beans were probably going to be. Now that they are in there, the connections go deeper than that of disgusting, putrid visions.

So first there is the color connection. In the cartoons when someone is ill or nauseous, their faces turn green. Seasickness being a common cause for upset stomachs, I thought of these green-faced cartoon characters on long, bumpy, to-and-fro ship rides. In real life, these green beans are also green. Furthermore, the bottle used to be full of Green Apple soda. Visually the beans remind me of seaweed, especially those that are submerged in the water. When the bottle is tipped back and forth the remaining water washed over the filler like water over plants near the shore. If you try really hard, the beans also resemble little eels; mysterious, chartreuse creatures of the deep. I also think of long ship voyages, those that last months or years. I imagine all the canned foods aboard for nourishment. Canned vegetables; corn, beets, and green beans. All these things dealing with ships, boating, and water as the label implies.

"I've said what I said, and you know what I mean",

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 147 - Mixing it Up

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Trail mix; a camping staple. A family road trip staple. The perfect on-the-go snack, full of sugars and proteins, carbs and raisins. Hitting the trail, going away; au revoir, see-ya later. Today my brother leaves for business over seas, we won't see him again until February. Hence the tardiness of these posts and the lack of descriptions. Today's bottle is a reminder of his departure. His trail may be long and far from here, but in time it will lead him home.

On the label a man is seen on a jog alongside a canine companion. The idea of jogging on trails, being outside, going on an adventure is an idea I see in trail mix.

Jeff, happy trails to you.

Until we meet again,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 146 - Up, Up and Away [EDIT]

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Going to be quick on this one, the label and filler kind of speak for themselves. In the bottle are outdated pills. Vitamins, fish oils, pain medication, and such; all outdated and losing their potency. On the label a BMX rider lays in pain on the concrete. Perhaps those pain pills would have been useful to him.

That's all,

P.S. - Another post brought to you by Suzy (lol). The smiley face on the note has eyes that appear to be pretty looks like someone has gotten into the pills...

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Day 145 - Up, Up, and Away [EDIT]

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If there were a special file for bottles that reminded me of summer days, of sunshine and laughter, of all the nostalgic things of summers past, it'd have to be a pretty large folder. This bottle is no different. On the label the photographer is suspended in the air. A trampoline below her and her shadow below that. In the bottle sunflower seeds. A symbol of summer. A symbol of sunshine and easy times. Memories of all the trampoline days and games. Care-free with the world rushing away from your feet. That millisecond of weightlessness before being pulled safely back to Earth.

What a feeling,

Day 144 - Be Aware [EDIT]

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Had this post been made on time, it would have been unveiled on the first of October to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help spread the news and promote the cause Jones has issued special pink bottles featuring inspirational photographs of breast cancer survivors and their families. There is not a lot more that needs to be said as the bottle is pretty straight forward. In an effort to aid Jones in their fight I have filled October 1st's bottle with pink ribbon of various shades and design; a reminder that all women, those of various shades and design should do what they can to stay aware and to stay healthy.

The issue is close to my heart and to the hearts of my family. So for all those affected, for their friends, their families; my thoughts are with you.

Stay strong,