Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 143 - Just For Kix [EDIT]

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Considering there are five posts to catch-up on, it is probably not a good thing that my reserve of creativity has been diminished by thinking about unique and thoughtful bottles. I'm sitting here, listening to my brother jabber on about this and that on the phone, waiting for him to hang up so that I can say good-bye to him before his four month excursion over seas. With all this noise, all these thoughts, I've developed a fairly significant block; one so severe that I have been spun off into a pretty miserable and off-topic tangent. Maybe after a quick trip to get ice cream with the family will refill my stock of creative juices; bidding a proper farewell to my bro will certainly clear this blockage and relieve me of this pressure.

But to finish this post quickly, this bottle was filled with Kix cereal; you know, the one that is kid tested and mother approved. On the label a kid is seen riding a scooter, a kick-scooter to be exact. Even without a drop of creative juice, one should be able to see the connection.

Be back to finish up the rest of these posts soon,

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