Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 141 - Bobby's World

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Posts like this, ones where my dad is particularly well-versed, are just begging for some snappy comment or "just-so-you-know" kind of correction. I'm sure I'll use some improper terminology or describe something incorrectly, but luckily my dad is a follower and will be here to fix my mistakes. With that, I proceed to Day 141's bottle.

In today's bottle are metal shavings, metal drill-press remnants, and other artifacts and discarded scraps of metal collected from the shop at the company where my dad works. In particular there are brass filament-like coils, aluminum corkscrew-like coils, tightly wrapped steel coils, and other metal chips and shavings. The metal structure that looms over the observer in the picture brings forth feelings of cold, industrial steel. Machines grinding away, spewing out greasy metal chips; machines turning metal into parts that will be used to make other machines.

Metal to metal; the metal structure on the label, the metal bits in the bottle.

Yet another bottle made possible by Bobby,

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  1. Bobby must be your dad. I think of engineer when I see a structure like that - hence Bobby (your dad). Aunt Kay