Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 140 - ...And Pretty Maids All in a Row

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This is how my garden grows...

We'll start with the label as its connection to the filler is essentially a corollary. On the label a woman sits in a greenhouse donning her wide-brimmed gardening hat. Before her and within the glassy confines are dozens of plants and flowers and dozens of potential plants and flowers. The power to take dirt, seeds, and water to make life is incredible.

Inspired by the label I decided to give my own green-thumb a workout. Inside this bottle is another Jones-a-Day science experiment; my own pseudo-greenhouse. Potting soil, a layer of mulch, and grass seeds. A little water and sunlight and, hopefully, in a few days, some sprouts. And, hopefully, in a week or two a fine layer of grass.

Why grass? Well, honestly, because Meijer doesn't carry seeds for gardening, only bulbs. It seemed crazy to spend five bucks on a bag of bulbs and only use a single one, and I really didn't want to grow a flower in a bottle given the limited amount of room within. I just wanted something that sprouted, like when you grew bean-plants in elementary school. I was about to take a photo of the bottle and lie to you all, just tell you there was a seed in there until I had a chance to buy a proper packet of seeds. Having quite the guilty conscious, I decided against that. Luckily dad was around and suggested I use the grass seed mix we keep around to fix patches in the lawn. How perfect; grass is hardy, easy to grow, and sprouts the way I wanted my plants to sprout. I could also grow many sprouts in a small area and the grass will grow to a good height.

I'll keep you updated as my "garden" grows,

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  1. I would like to see the grass growing - we will be able to see the roots and all. Aunt Kay