Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 139 - Pocket Lint

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Big thanks to Jbyrd for this one, really. I had been slowly collecting dryer lint from both my house and Stevie's and had acquired quite a collection of different colored lints. The problem was, because I had put so much effort into collecting the filler, I wanted to save it for an appropriate bottle. Well, Jbyrd texts me and lets me know that he has some bottle to give me. Always happy to accept bottles I run outside to meet him. Included in the bottles he handed me is this one showing rows of laundromat dryers. How...incredibly, PERFECT.

The connection here could not be more obvious.

Thanks for the bottle, bro,


  1. Thank goodness it is not belly lint! Aunt Kay

  2. Carole - Don't give him any ideas!

    Bob (Dad)