Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 136 - Yeah...It's That Important

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Oops, that one was my bad. I posted the image and got so caught up in baking brownies and making grilled cheese with tomato soup that I completely forgot I had no description. My forgetfulness was probably due to a lack of excitement about this bottle...really, it was one of those "I need filler and have no money, so let's see what's in the cupboard" kind of bottles. We had six bottles of A-1 Steaksauce in the pantry and two bottles in fridge. It took 1.2 bottles to fill this Jones, and the results? Less than awesome...barely more than crap.

It's disappointing really. I love Jones Soda, I love-love A-1, so one would think the combination would be amazing. Too much of a good thing, I guess.

The label-to-filler connection came to me during the filling process. Imagine, for a moment, there is a steak in front of you at the dinner table. Now, if you don't eat meat, just pretend. So you are looking down at this steak on a nice, bright, white plate. All you need is a nice helping of A-1. Now imagine you are a shark, a great white. If you are not actually a shark, just pretend. You are looking up at a nice, juicy SCUBA diver with a nice, bright, white sun behind him. All you need is a smear of A-1, right?


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