Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 135 - Ain't No Mountain

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Every once in a while I fill a bottle and am blown away by the results; this is one of those bottles...

The plan was to do a typical make-up post. You know, post a bottle for the missed day and one for the current day. Well then I got onto this whole "fan" thing and couldn't help but make the posting series just one bottle longer.

Move aside Day 71, I think I have a new favorite bottle. Not only is the label-to-filler connection so amazingly and simply perfect, but visually this bottle is phenomenal. The colored label showing a snowboarder at the peak of a launch, the idea of silent, smooth carving. All this in contrast to the simplicity of the black-and-white chocolate Snow-Caps. The smooth taste and smooth tricks. The snow-caps in the photo with the Snow-Caps in the bottle. I love this bottle.

The fan here is, once again, the fabulous Miss Sunshine herself. Along with the over-priced googly eyes came four boxes of the Snow-Cap candies.

In a way, my love for this bottle is strengthened by the idea that she cares so much for me.

Thanks, love,

P.S. - Had to include this for another fan of mine. You may remember the coworker of mine mentioned in Day 82's bottle. Well, after close one night, while we were straightening the store, he had won everybody working that night a toy out of the claw machine. For me he snagged a Kung-Fu Panda knock off. I call him "Martial Arts Bear of Asian Decent"...

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P.P.S - Of COURSE there are more people to thank, probably too many to remember so if I forget anyone I apologize. There is my family for their support, ideas, and aid in the collection of fillers. Bre, my first follower and short-term counselor, and Pea for being there too. To Andrea and Tammy, the inspiration behind several bottles and cause of so many good memories; also for supplying several bottles.

Heck, if you are reading this page, anyone, anywhere; thanks for visiting.

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