Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 134 - Eyes for You

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"Googly" eyes; over 1,000 of them from my guesstimates. There are a few people to thank for this one, which makes it unfortunate that I cannot write a novel for today's post as I had for Day 133's. So who's to thank?

1) Laura for the bottle. Not only was this bottle, featuring a child with somewhat googly eyes, supplied by Laura, but the idea for filler was too. This bottle was left empty for a while, I was tempted to fill it with other things but knew I had to carry out Laura's wishes. The thing is, googly eyes are rare to find and expensive to buy. Luckily, I have other fans.

2) My mom; when she caught word that I was filling a bottle with googly eyes, she went on the hunt. One day I walk into my room to find a couple small packages of googly eyes sitting near my dresser. A few days later she hands me a larger bag; bought specifically for me. Without these the bottle would still be half-full.

3) My Aunt Kay - mom must have spread the word about my googly eye hunt because, after a trip to see her family in Troy, she hands me yet another shipment of eyes supplied by her sister, Carole, my Aunt Kay. Luckily my mom's side of the family has always been crafty - I had enough eyes from Aunt Kay to fill a large portion of this bottle. I am also happy to say that mom must have spread the word of Jones-a-Day too; she told me that Aunt Kay had went through the Jones archives, reading all the old posts. So, everyone, welcome the newest follower; Aunt Kay.

4) Stevie. Enough said; I thank her for a lot of things, so when she insisted on buying three packages of overly-priced googly eyes I nearly melted. I'm happy to see such a devoted and loving fan on almost a daily basis.

So to you Laura, and you mom, to you Aunt Carole and Stevie, a thousand thank-you's.

At least one thank-you for every eye in this bottle,


  1. I am glad to see you used those eyes. Love you Aunt Kay

  2. Mitch!!!! Ahhh!!! I was just at Meijer.. and I walked through the "crafty" section, and I realized that I needed to get you the eyes.. but, apparently I don't anymore. LOL.. Anywho.. Awesome bottle Mitch :)


  3. HEY! How about your sister for the idea? Gosh.