Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 133 - Pillow Talk

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I owed my followers two bottles; one for the missed post yesterday and one to fill today's bottle requirement. To make up for the missed post yesterday, I decided that the bottles I post today would be a small homage to the people I am almost certain follow on a regular basis. So the next three bottles are for you, the fans. Each bottle posted here tonight, the one for yesterday, the one for today, and the bottle for tomorrow, were all made possible by specific Jones-a-Day followers. Thanks.

Day 133's bottle, the bottle that should have been posted yesterday, is filled with, what the package calls, "Pillow Mints". I've seen other packages describe these mints as "Party Mints". They are the small, soft, pastel-colored, almost chalk-like mints often seen at dinner parties or sitting in candy dishes. Delicious if you ask me; I love the smooth texture and the way the chalkiness and mint coat my tongue. It is really hard to describe, but the mint seems to cool my mouth as the texture seems to make the mint swell. If you want to see what I'm rambling about, find a swanky dinner party or hotel with a big buffet and chomp down on a handful of these candies.

So, I bought the mints, did the filling and photographing, and am posting it here by myself. Where does this "fan-theme" come in? Well, the bottle was supplied by no stranger to Jones-a-Day. Remember the "kid" from Day 65 and Day 48? Well, like I had said and alluded to in those posts, he is off to college. Mitch and I go way back, pretty much went through all the phases together although I was a handful of years older. From Hot Wheels to Pokemon, Power Rangers to Lego's; now we talk philosophy, talk tech, and skate. I finally visited him on campus today to see his dorm. After a quick tour, real quick, he and I cruised around campus looking badass together.

So here's where his contributions come in. While on Facebook I see a picture he posted in his status-update feed. It's of a kid holding an empty Jones soda. I jump to the picture and throw out a comment pleading Mitch stop the kid and steal his empty bottle.

His response?

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A text message that includes this photo and one line that says, "bro, I got you covered".

Mitch has been collecting bottles for me around campus and has been spreading the good word about Jones-a-Day. The bottle seen here is one he obtained for me.

Thanks, "Little Mitch".

Haha, I had to say it at least once,

P.S. - Connection between label and filler can be any or all of the following;

1) The mints can be considered "Thank You" mints.
2) The child is reaching for something; make me think of people reaching into a candy dishes for mints.
3) The term "sleeping like a baby" makes me think of pillows; these were called "Pillow Mints".
4) As I kid I was always getting into the candy; much like what I assume this one is doing in this photo.

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