Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 130 - Into the Future [EDIT]

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So the picture was posted a day early, and the description a day late. So, all-in-all, we can call this one a wash. Not on time, but not late either.

The title served more than one purpose. On the day the picture was posted I was a day behind. So, all at once, I posted for the day I missed, the current day, and, for the first time ever, I posted for the next day in advanced. So, in essence, I was posting for a future day, hence "into the future".

But the real story behind the label comes from the label-to-filler connection. Jones Soda is a very charitable sort of company. This particular line of bottles encourages consumers to recycle. Most of the pics in this line have something to do with trash, waste, or recycling and include the green "reduce, reuse, recycle" logo in the lower right corner. You can see another one of these bottles in Day 88's post.

So what is in this bottle? It may be hard to tell, but this bottle is full of used motor oil; a substance that is often neglected to be taken care of accurately. Motor oil is hazardous to the environment and, in most places, it is unlawful to dispose of it improperly. Using it for harmless projects such as Jones-a-Day is only one way to recycle your used motor oil.

There are recycling centers in every state that can also take it off your hands,

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