Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 128 - Air Bags

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So today's - um, make that yesterday's - bottle is filled with miniature marshmallows stolen from the cupboards of Little Miss Sunshine herself. On the label an aggressive skier is seen inverted in the middle of a backflip with snow-capped mountains in the background. There were several thoughts behind the label-to-filler connection, all of which are closely related. I'll try to articulate them all clearly, emphasis on try. I'm sure I'll forget some thoughts.

So let's start off with the texture of the mallow, the color. Soft, white, powdery like freshly fallen snow. The texture like tiny pillows, air bags as the title indicates surrounding the flipping skier as if to assure him a safe landing - even if the stunt goes wrong. The taste; sweet. The flip itself; sweet. After a day of skiing, sledding, snowboarding; after a day in the cold, having fun, what's the go to beverage to warm up with? To sit next to a fire and sip on? Duh, hot cocoa. And what is hot cocoa incomplete without? That's right, tiny marshmallows.

That's about it,

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