Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 126 - Cotton on a Stick

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I found these in the store the other day, they are, like, miniature American Gladiator jousting poles. The box calls them, "cotton swabs" and they came in a box of 500 count. I'm not exactly sure what creature is supposed to use these "Q-tips", I haven't been able to find American Gladiator mice for years.

Okay, so obviously the above was a poor attempt at humor. Today's bottle is filled with cotton swabs, sometimes called by the more specific, brand name "Q-tips". It was always a joke that the American Gladiator jousting poles looked like giant Q-tips, I tried to make the joke work in reverse.

I was looking for a bottle, any bottle, it really didn't matter to put these cotton swabs in when I found this bottle. I cannot describe to you how annoyed I get when I have water in my ear. I shake, I jump, I stab at my ear with Q-tips, I blast more water up there in hopes of some capillary action pulling the initial water out, I've even gones a far as taking a plunger to the side of my head. So when I saw this poor bloke, upside down in a pool of water, I imagined that he'd be going through a similar torture.

I'll save him one or two,

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