Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 123 - Night of the Living Dead

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What do this bottle and the bottle posted on Day 118 have in common? Go ahead, scroll down a few posts and think about it. Give up? They're zombies. That's right; resurrected, reborn, given a second chance to at life. What am I talking about? The "P.S. pics" will surely remind you, but in case you needed a larger refresher, go back to Day 64.

The filler is Sweet n' Low sugar packets. The well-known, easily identified, familiar pink pouches of sugar substitute seen in restaurants and diners nationwide.

Normally I buy bottles because their labels are meaningful, particularly artistic, or if I have a good idea about a filler that matches the image. This bottle, however, was purchased because the image carries an outstanding sense of peace for me. The outdoor park, the smoothness I imagine when hitting a nice, concrete, pyramid-style tabletop, the slick looking hubba ledge in the background. Skateboarding is such an art, this image is one of my favorites. The connection here is basically that the image is as sweet as the filler.

Skate on,

P.S. - Zombie bottles!

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And BONUS! Me on a sketchy kicker popping it...

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